AHP launches “18? Section 8!” video and website to educate families about the housing voucher program

Autism Housing Pathways has launched a new video, “18? Section 8!” to emphasize the importance of applying for a Section 8 housing voucher as soon as an individual turns 18. The video has a companion website, 18section8.org, that walks families through the process of applying for a voucher.

AHP President Catherine Boyle explains, “As an organization that serves families of individuals with developmental disabilities, we hear too often about individuals who are in their mid-20s or older who have yet to apply for a  Sec. 8 housing voucher. They and their families are now ready and eager for them to move into independent living, but they now face a wait of anywhere from 5-12 years for a voucher. This problem could have been avoided had an application been submitted when the person turned 18.”